Some of my most memorable classes were from outside Viterbi and in topics I never thought I’d be learning about. Checkout the highlights below:

  1. Intro to Advertising: interested in advertising from both the creative process and business perspective, I recommend taking this class that provides a general overview with both in both a theoretical and hands-on approach.  I got to learn about the beginning steps to creating a campaign from coming up with a pitch to planning out what mediums and types of sponsors to use.  Our final project was to actually create a whole campaign for Dr. Pepper’s brand: Schweppes. We had to come up with a theme, target demographic, economic outline, timeframe and make mock ads, commercials etc.  It was a lot of fun and definitely a unique learning experience with a great professor.  The class also counted as going towards completing my minor!

Very funky looking2. CORE 103: if you love reading and writing, I recommend looking into the Thematic Options Program.  A rigorous program, the classes offered really encourage students to grasp and deal with the abstract. My most memorable class from it was my 103 Science themed one completed through Problems without Passports.  In other words, I took this class offsite in Borrego Springs in May.  The class involved observing first hand the effects of the drought on the environment which included visiting the Salton Lake and studying its history.  The final project gave students a lot of freedom to choose a topic of interest related to the issues studied and propose a solution.

View of the desert.

3. ITP Programming in Python: I am not a natural coder and it definitely takes me practice to understand how to code but this class made it easier.  With a great professor and lots of support from the TAs, I was able to learn the basics of Python (software provided) which not only helped me to understand coding in general but apply it to projects that would have otherwise taken longer to complete by hand.

There are so many classes to choose from and the ones described here are just a few.  Talking to other classmates to see what they’ve taken is a great way to find out about what other topics you can try out for fun.  There’s a lot of resources and opportunities, you just have to go after it!


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