Fall 2016 is starting already! I can’t believe the summer’s over but the fun continues.  Having interned at Chevron this past summer, I’m even more interested in the petroleum class I’m taking now: drilling technologies.  The class has been a great way to connect theory to the hands on applications I experienced in the field in Bakersfield.  The labs for the class include covering types of mud and cement and the final project is to write a drilling program.  The class definitely provides me the opportunity to explore what petroleum engineers can really get involved in after graduation.

Outside of class, I’m really excited for another year of freshman academy coaching.  Luau was another success and the dance competition was by far one of the best I’ve seen.  I’m really excited to be working with the incoming class and have a lot of exciting activities in store for them including a scavenger hunt this Thursday!

Outside of engineering, I’m also looking forward to working on the Daily Trojan team again.  After meeting with my editors I can’t wait to see where the paper is headed.

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