One of my favorite activities to do on campus is to draw for the Daily Trojan, the University Newspaper.  It’s really exciting to be part of a daily production.  Working in an environment where it’s super important to ensure that a publication is put in each stand on campus at the break of dawn every single day is a great way for me to be learn how to be flexible and expect the unexpected.

Moreover, drawing is one of my favorite past times and relaxing.  I like taking on a cartoon type editorial style.  It’s a lot of fun to read an article on a specific topic and perspective then think of a creative way to depict it in a picture.  I get to explore drawing people, objects, symbols etc.

The organization also hosts banquets at the end of each semester in celebration of all the hard work.  With a great spread of food and funny videos summing up the years efforts, I always look forward to gathering with everyone.  Furthermore, awards are given out to highlight people’s talents.  The other writers, editors and artists are great to work with and it’s cool to meet people of all different majors sharing a passion for current events.  it’s nice to know I can drop into the office whenever to catch up with people or to find a nice space to draw.  Check out some of my pieces below or visit! #ViterbiPlus

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