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Or keep reading! Back for another summer in Bakersfield California at Chevron as a Reservoir Engineer, I have so much to share.  Reservoir Engineering is a branch of petroleum engineering that analyzes drainage problems during developing, expanding, and producing oil or gas from a reservoir.  The goal is to maximize efficiency and economic recovery.

I’ve gotten to learn how to code in VBA, SQL etc. One of the best ways to learn how to use a program is to just jump right in and start trying!  It’s also been a great experience to network and meet new people from all different backgrounds.  A lot of the other interns are from Pennsylvania, Texas and Louisiana.  We also have degrees in petroleum, chemical, mechanical and even civil!

Internships are a great avenue to getting hands on experience, a live feel for what life after graduation will look like and a better understanding of how to apply the theory and material we learn from school to large budget projects.

Another takeaway is all the memories from the fun internship adventures.  We’ve gone to San Diego, San Francisco, Sequoia, Santa Barbra, LA, Mammoth and will be checking out other places too.


Check back later this summer to see what else I have to share!



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