You never know until you try!  One of the best things about college is that it provides so many opportunities to try new things and really expand your knowledge and experience.

For me, getting past my initial concerns about how hard classes would be, what clubs I could get really involved in, whether I should approach my peers in the dining halls etc. led to some of my most memorable moments and favorite experiences.  So the best advice I followed was pushing myself to step outside my comfort zone.  So if you ever think twice about your ability to do something, just remember that you’re probably your worst critic and that you never know what can happen!

The following tips are a couple of stepping stones to help you along the way:

1. Classes: Work with your advisor early on.  Even if you’re only thinking about studying abroad, adding a minor or taking a specific class let your advisor know.  They’re helpful when it comes to scheduling and provide insight on when classes are offered and when you should take them.  They helped me fit my minor in and saved me a lot of trouble of trying to figure out my schedule by on my own.

2. Clubs: If you’re interested in something from Undergraduate Student Government to a cultural society to a dance group  to really anything you can think of, go for it! Most of the groups have general meetings so if you find yourself not really feeling a click, you can just find another club that works better.  I’ve never kicked a soccer ball before but joining Intramural soccer was a lot of fund and a great way to meet new people.

3. Friends: Speaking of meeting new people, everyone wants to meet everyone the first couple weeks of college whether it’s at the dining hall, in class or through student organizations.  There are so many people with cool stories and unique backgrounds for you to meet.  It never hurts to just greet someone and who knows you might find some people that you know you’ll be friends with for life.

**Just for fun: explore LA!  One of my favorite parts of USC is that it’s in the heart of LA.  Take advantage of your free time to explore hiking trails, the trendiest shops and the most delicious restaurants.  For instance, if you’ve never been in a maze of books — LA has one! (The Last Bookstore in Downtown LA)



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