It’s that time of year again! Students can be spotted in suits and slacks as Fortune 500 companies come to campus to recruit us.  From Northrup to Google to Amazon the companies that we use or hear about or see everyday host info sessions and have booths looking to find the next best talent.

Well advertised, the career center at USC and Viterbi keep students in the know about the opportunities available for students to work toward securing a job whether it be internship or full-time.  Getting weekly emails and seeing new job-postings everyday, there’s a lot of chances to learn about what I can do after graduation or for the summer.


At the career fair in 2013, I talked to Chevron and ended up interning there for the past two summers.  After getting my resume reviewed by professionals, practicing behavioral based and case study questions, and simply learning more about the culture of the company I felt well-prepared and made the most of all the resources available.

Each day new jobs are posted on an online portal that students can apply to all online!  The companies on these sites range from consumer goods to investment banking to start up companies. There’s a position available for everyone’s interest and personally I’ve found that the best way to get exposure to what we enjoy doing is getting hands on experience for a summer.  I’ve learned so much from getting to work in industry and really get to know the people who have been working in industry for so many years!

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Chemical Engineering (Nanotechnology), Class of 2016, Learn more on her profile here!