With Dine LA going on just a few weeks ago, one thing to look forward to over the weekends (and this upcoming one being a long one) is brunch.

Los Angeles is  a hotspot for some of California’s best brunch places.  Get a snapshot of the top 3 below:

1. Larchmont Bungalow: red and blue velvet pancakes? you can find it here. With the Sunday Farmers Market just around the corner, if there’s a long wait you can take a stroll and work up an appetite.

2. Square One Dining: looking for fresh and organic ingredients, be health conscious your Sunday brunch time by hiting up Fountain Ave.  Known favorites are breakfast potatoes and the fluffy egg.

3. Joan’s On Third: pretty close to  campus and near the Grove, Joan’s on THurd is great for baked goods to take to go and dining.  There’s plenty of food for people to get together and meet and eat meals from sandwiches to salads.

Check out other great places or more details on these three at: http://www.welikela.com/best-brunch-los-angeles/

Added Note: concerned about getting to these places? They’re not extremely far and transportation can definitely be arranged in LA. Whether or not you have friends with cars or a car yourself, the bus and metro are both cheap and not difficult to manage.  On top of that, Uber and lyft have made commuting much easier.



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