This past weekend, campus was filled with not only students as usual but siblings, grandparents, cousins, close friends–essentially all relatives of the Trojan Family.  One of my favorite parts of USC is the family spirit.  Miles away from where I grew up, USC is the home away from home that makes me feel welcomed and among family at all times.

Each year, during the Thursday Home football game, families come to campus to see us in classes, where we live, eat etc. and even maybe pick something up a souvenir from the USC bookstore.  In my Thursday CHE 487 class: Nanotechnology, we had a few parents and some younger siblings (who could potentially be future Trojans) sit in and even ask questions. After class and over the weekend, I really enjoyed meeting some of my closest friends parents and showing them around campus, especially with some of the new state of the art facilities.  With Thanksgiving just around the corner and the Holiday season coming up–it’s nice to be around family.  Fight on!

Form more information about USC Trojan Family Weekend click here.

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