Today I got to go to the Wildlife Learning Center!  One of the programs for the Asian American Tutorial Project is to take the kids on a field trip; last year we went to the Columbia Space Museum, but this year we got to check out different species from all around the world.

We brought the students to the Wildlife Center to learn more about the environment and the different kinds of animals.  We had a biologist explain to the kids that the animals we were seeing today were those that were not being properly taken care of and thus taken into the center’s hands to be acclimated to the current environment.

We got to see foxes, different species of crocodiles and a porcupine.  The children not only learned about the different kinds of animals and what made them unique but also about what conditions were necessary for them to survive.  It was fun for both the tutors and tutees!

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Afterwards we took a lunch break of packed sandwiches and fruit snacks.  The trip was a great time for the kids and tutors to bond in addition to the tutors of each school getting to know each other too.




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