Hej från Sverige!  Despite summer having been only a couple of weeks, I’ve already fallen in love with Sweden.  Interning at a powder metals company in the southern part of Sweden, only a short commute to Denmark, I have been trying to do as much sightseeing as I can. 

For example, the beaches here are absolutely breathtaking.  There are bike paths that hug the coast all around from the city of Höganäs to Mölle.  About 11km, it’s fun to take a leisurely jog or bike ride.    

At these small beach towns, there’s a nice harbor equipped with ice cream stands, small restaurants and a sauna.  There’s a deck with slides and diving board type floats in the water too.  The water’s a little cold now, around 15°C; however, it should warm up more into August. 

The sea is not that salty and can get very calm too, with almost no waves.  Rather than surfing being the go-to sport, sailing is extremely popular.  You can frequently find sail boats docked at the harbor, prepared to set off for an afternoon sail or longer. 

Heading more inland, outside the urban city life, are fields and fields of lush greenery.  Around May/June, some fields even appear completely yellow because of the little yellow flowers that grow all about.  Also, because Sweden can get quite windy, several windmills—old and new—can be spotted. 

With the days here in the summer being quite long, it’s easy to run around after work.   Although with a sun that finally sets around ten pm, it’s hard to tell how much time has passed until I’ve realized how tired I’ve gotten. 

The peacefulness of the countryside is great but next, I’ll be heading to the livelier scene of Sweden’s cities!

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