One of my favorite things to do back home during the holidays is to ice skate in Bryant Park, NYC; however, despite being in Los Angeles, that tradition doesn’t have to stop!

This Saturday night two of my closest friends and I went to Pershing Square in Downtown, LA.  With the convenience of the metro, we got to the square by simply taking the Expo line from the Galen center with only one transfer thus getting their relatively quickly with no trouble at all.  The stops are right outside USC and the Park itself.

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Ice Skating!

Once there, it didn’t matter whether you’ve been skating your whole life or have balance problems on concrete, let alone on ice.  Some people were doing twirls and others were being helped up by the workers that supervise the rink.  For a good price of $10 (including admittance and skate rentals) we had a lot of fun, from skating around the rink to avoiding taking a spill.    There was festive music, holiday lights along the trees and benches to take a break every now and then.

Pershing Square also hosts a Winter Holiday Concert Series for other nights of the week to get into the  holiday spirit as time moves into December.  There’s even a festival on the 14th of December too.

Additionally, as far as ice skating goes, there are other places to go to ! Last year, some friends and I went to LA Live to skate at their rink.  Again, it’s a super merry environment with the lights music and even a decorated tree in the center of the rink for people to skate around (also serving as another place to hold onto for people on the verge of slipping).

Around both places are also a number of great places to eat. Tonight, we stopped by boba 7 for some delicious bubble tea.  Overall a night of great ways to end a week and to start the holiday spirit!

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