Taipei for Christmas or New Years? I definitely recommend the trip! I spent this past winter break walking around Taipei, eating, taking in the sites and shopping.  Taipei’s famous night markets are great to get a taste of authentic Taiwanese snacks and small dishes.  From noodles to Taiwanese beef jerky to pineapple cake to shaved ice the choices are endless and mouthwatering.  The city also has a lot of parks and museums conveying its past and history.   One of the coolest parts of the trips was seeing the Taipei 101 New Years Fireworks display (actually supposedly the last one!)  From rooftop it was amazing to see the show as we all kicked off 2016.

Starting 2016 this spring semester, I’m really excited for classes and some last travels around LA before I graduate.  Starting my senior design class a lot of the previous classes and skills we’ve learned throughout the previous years are being applied now! Process control and design is especially important in that it has real world applications and is vital to the safety and operation of a plant which I may have to encounter at some point in my career.  Another really interesting class is my tech elective CHE 489 which encompasses more information related to biology so it’s especially exciting for me to explore a slightly different field topic.

Outside of class I’m looking forward to exploring a bit more of California.  In fact last weekend I went to Joshua Tree! It was a great way to catch up with some old friends and take a relaxing break.

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