One of the best parts of living in LA are all the concerts–a lot of which are free! This past week I got to go to Vevo’s Certified SuperFanFest 2014 in Santa Monica.

My best friend and I got to have an evening out to see Demi Lovato and Iggy Azalea live at a really cool venue.  We headed toward Santa Monica and took a bus over to a hanger where the concert was held.  The inside was super cool with lighting animations along the walls  and a stage going out into the audience with Demi Lovato right in the middle!  Singing her most popular songs with background dancers keeping the energy up, everyone was excited and getting into the mood.

Just as I thought the concert couldn’t get any better, Iggy Azalea then comes out! Immediately everyone starts trying to sing/rap along and the concert just becomes more fun.  My friend and I took a lot of pictures and before we knew it Iggy said thank you and we called it a night!

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Except, we were also feeling a bit hungry so another perk of LA: In N’ Out open late! So we finished the night off



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