So a lot of people are interested in what it’s like being a woman engineer, particularly a woman computer science major. I am asked “are there a lot of girls in your classes,” “how is the social scene,” and “do you feel like you are on an equal platform” pretty often. I can definitely say that throughout my time at USC, I’ve never felt more secure with being a female engineer. USC provides great opportunities for women, and any minority group, to be able to meet people like themselves and realize that there is common ground among all engineering disciplines regardless of background. These include the Center for Engineering Diversity, Women in Engineering, Society of Women Engineers and others!

There are really so many organizations that I, and many friends, look to as female engineers. Most of my classes up until now have had a good amount of women in them- although there might be slightly fewer in a few classes, I have made just as many girlfriends as I have male friends in all of my engineering classes at USC, which is really a great thing. USC definitely helped me realize that there are many successful women engineers and creates an atmosphere where we can all come together and work on cool projects together, from participating in hack-a-thons to seeing prominent women guest speakers, which is awesome.

Being able to work with other women in engineering is super important and I’m happy that USC has this, and a lot more to offer!! The guest speakers brought in are usually very powerful women who are role models in many engineering fields and disciplines, which is super cool to see. Hopefully I can get to more of those lectures soon and take advantage of the opportunity!!