Over parents weekend, I was lucky enough to have my mom and grandma visiting me here in LA! They came for a great time, and it was nothing short of that. Among all of the touristy things we did, our weekend was also full of USC fun because we saw the USC vs. Utah game- GO SC!

Although they could have stayed closer to USC, I decided it was best for them to stay by the beach because while I have Friday class, they walked around and had a great time at the Hermosa Beach pier. I was so excited to see them because I hadn’t seen anyone in my family since move in day- now I am not going to see them until November again, which is why they decided to come to see me before then.


Some of the touristy things we did were walking around Rodeo drive, going to sprinkles cupcakes, urth café, museums, and enjoying seeing the fun parts of LA. We also ran a lot of errands that I needed to do- borrrring- but still needed to be done! Ikea and the car dealership are just a few of the fun stops we made for that. I had a pretty amazing weekend with them and am super excited they came to see me!


Until next time!!