So this Spring break was pretty busy and hectic!!! Instead of sitting on my couch and being lazy like I did last year (I wanted to go home SO badly), I stayed in LA, went to Mexico with some friends, and spent time with my mom who came to visit me!Being in LA over spring break was super fun- I got to show my mom a few more cool places than before. We went to the Natural History museum, which is a 5 minute walk from campus. We also went to Jacks N Joe, which is one of my favorite places to eat around school. Mainly, I took her to many of the beach cities and we got to hang out and spend time together.

Me and my mom


I also went to Mexico with a fellow VSA, Jacquie! We tanned by the pool and had an amazing and relaxing time with some friends. What a great trip! We were lucky that so many friends were going as well, and it was definitely a well deserved and needed break from school, especially since I had a few midterms the week before and was pretty busy with school work! Overall, a great spring break with great friends !!!!