Obviously I’m super biased when it comes to dorm living, but that’s because my entire freshman experience was so much better because I absolutely loved my dorm, Pardee Tower. Pardee has everything that a dorm could need- great lounge, a good location, cleanliness, and awesome people that I have grown to love.


Living on the second floor right next to the big lounge is great because there are tables to do homework, couches to lounge on, and a television to catch the latest How I Met Your Mother episodes. Pardee tower has single sex floors, which is super nice because it has allowed me to make such a large circle of close girl friends.


Along with the awesome people I met through living at Pardee, it’s location is super convenient. I love how close it is to Doheny and Leavey- I usually switch between the two, depending on the day. Literatea, the best place for a good Chai Latte, is a step away and TroGro is also a five minute walk away. Being close to McCarthy Quad is so fun because people hang out there, toss frisbees, and socialize when classes are over for the day and it’s a beautiful day outside(aka always!). Next year I am living in West 27th Place with my current roommate because we have become such great friends.