I’m currently in my third week as a summer intern at a mobile platform company called 3Cinteractive, and so far it’s been amazing. I have learned so many new things and have been taken under the wings of the Software Development team. When I first arrived, I was pretty startled- this is not like any “office” I have ever been inside before. The walls had graffiti on them, there was a lot of open space, and the cubicles were made from multicolored welding screens. I can tell that this type of atmosphere definitely promotes unique thinking and innovation because all of the employees seemed so happy to be there and inspired. Our first week was full of meetings meant to get us acquainted with the company, products, history, and staff. The interns were split into teams and we were given projects to complete within the 9 week internship. We learned a lot about the Scrum Agile Development process, something I touched on in my ITP-280 Video Game Production class with Mr. Borquez. I’m super excited because it was really cool to see something that I had learned in class being consistently used in a real company! Week 2 was great because we were really getting in the routine of things and doing in depth work for our projects. Aside from our team assignments, 3Ci has me coding for an awesome upcoming project that will be launched soon. I also get to shadow and learn from members in the Software Development department and sit in on important meetings with clients, vendors, and development teams. So happy to be here and really excited for the next 6 weeks!!!!