While I love being an engineer, I’m also really happy to get the opportunity to try different things and take other classes while fulfilling the general education requirement. I am taking a great general education class this semester. Little did I know that a “GE” class could really captivate me because I am definitely more of a technical person, but “The Strange and the Weird in Medieval and Renaissance Europe” is so interesting and I really look forward to attending this class on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

We mainly read about old literature, medieval religious beliefs and practices, and mystical creatures and discuss the strange beliefs of the Medieval time period.  One of the first days of class started out with Professor Cervone making several hilarious Harry Potter references, and from there I knew I would love it. She’s an amazing teacher and always finds a way to make class fun because she’s so energetic.



The major topics of class are about sixteenth and seventeenth century beliefs in werewolves, fairies, ghosts, and witches, and also how these beliefs influenced and effected society during the time. Right now, we are discussing the influence that Shakespeare had and how there was a shift towards Calvinism during this time period because common people started believing in predestination. It’s really great to randomly sign up for a class and then end up absolutely loving it, which is exactly what happened.

Lucky me!