Hey! So with finals coming up next week, I thought I could remind you all of super important stuff to do throughout the week, and also use a list to help keep myself in order. Some are super simple, but just some helpful hints to make sure you don’t make yourself crazy!


1- get enough sleep! Although staying up late studying is a pretty common thing, make sure to block out at least 7-8 hours each night for sleep. Not just me saying this, but it’s well known that people perform better when they sleep for a normal time period.


2- study groups! Four or five minds are better than one. Even if it’s just to review, make sure you know all of the topics, or ask questions, definitely make sure you know a few people in all of your classes that you can count on.


3- stay informed! Resident advisors and campus housing always put together events specifically for making sure students can talk out any problems they have, get advice, or just take a break and relax from a stressful day. I’d definitely check it out, especially because the events usually have yummy food like sprinkles cupcakes and dominos!


4- don’t forget to eat! Make sure to not skip out on any meals because food is energy! Seriously food=important.


5-take necessary breaks! All of us have a limit of how much we can handle before our brain does not retain anything anymore, so take a 15 minute Yogurtland trip or even a 15 minute nap to refresh and make sure your brain can process all of the information you are looking at.


Good luck next week everyone!!!