My favorite study spot on campus is definitely the Salvatori Computer Center. Even though it is not a library, SAL is a great place to study- it is relatively quiet and always has Computer Science students who are willing to give a hand. A lot of the Teaching Assistants hang out and study in SAL as well so it’s a great spot for finding help from friends and students in my classes. In addition to SAL being a great place because many people hang out there, it has the same great resources as the big libraries on campus; many computers, a printer, tables, couches, and great areas for quiet study.


There are televisions that hook up to laptops, so group work can be done very easily. After having two labs there over the past two semesters, I have spent a lot of time before and after class doing homework and projects in SAL and really recommend checking it out! The prime location is in the same area as Ronald Tutor Hall, so when I get hungry I can also walk less than two minutes and get some great food at the Tutor Cafe.