Last fall, I found myself going crazy because I was stretching myself way too thin.  Between my insane class schedule, marching band, working in the lab, my minor, and the Concert Jazz Orchestra, I realized that I could not do this every semester of else I was going to go crazy!  Therefore, I toned down my class schedule this semester and decided to focus more on working in my research lab and my classes. Also, I became section leader of the trombone section in the Trojan Marching Band, so I needed to make sure I left some time to focus on that as well.


Therefore, I am currently taking 4 classes.  I am taking CHE 350 – Introduction to Separation Processes.  The class is mainly building off of concepts from thermodynamics, which I took last semester, with more of a specific focus on separation processes (obviously).  I am also taking CHEM 322aL – Organic Chemistry.  This is considered the “a” part of organic chemistry.  I have always had an interest in organic chemistry, and so far, I am getting a lot out of the class!  On Monday and Wednesday evenings, I have ISE 460 – Engineering Economy with fellow VSA, Ashlyn!  Most chemical engineers actually do not take this class until their senior year, but I have a lot of free room from all the transfer credit I got from AP classes (you can review the current policy on AP credit here), so I figured I would get it out of the way.  So far, we have been learning about smart investing solutions, which is really interesting, so I guess we will see how the semester pans out.  Finally, I am taking my Category 5 – Arts and Letters class this semester.  The class I am taking in this category is titled “From Bebop to Doo Wop to Hip Hop: Evolution of the Rhythm and Blues Tradition”.  It is taught by Dr. Ron McCurdy, who is extremely intelligent and very articulate about history.  Being a jazz musician, I am getting a lot out of this class, especially considering that I enjoy learning about history too.


Outside of the classroom, I have been dedicating a lot more time in my research lab.  Because the lab I am working in just started this past semester, we are still working on building the test chamber for our experiments.  However, I hope that tests will begin soon!

Can't wait until we finish building everything!!

Like I mentioned earlier, I recently became one of the co-section leaders for the trombone section in the USC “Spirit of Troy” Trojan Marching Band.  I am really enjoying it, even with the addition of many new responsibilities and expectations.  I love the band, and it is really special to be able to take a leadership position in the band.  I also really like my co section leader, Jonathan Wilson.  I am looking forward to a great year, hopefully ending with a national championship!!

Section Leaders!!

As for the future, I am really excited about spring break!!  Back up in Northern California, there has not been much snow lately, but I hope that by the time I come home for spring break, there will be enough snow for some great spring skiing!!!  I also am looking forward to seeing my friends from high school, as usual.

Alpine Meadows above Lake Tahoe!

Overall, I think this will be a great semester!  By the way, all you high school seniors, I hope you are not becoming too stressed about college admission letters.  I know it’s hard to wait sooo long!!


I hope to see you at USC next year!



I am a sophomore majoring in Chemical Engineering, with a biochemical emphasis. I am originally from Sacramento, CA. I am in the USC Marching Band enjoy playing playing trombone. I also enjoy hiking and road biking.