So, I wrote a blog two years ago on how the marching band was my favorite student involvement. However, a lot has happened in the last two years, and I thought that it would be appropriate to write an updated blog! I am in my final year with the band, and I have begun to reflect on my last four years with the band and all the amazing memories I have made and will never forget.

Coming into USC, I saw the marching band as the perfect way to continue my passion in music while not making it my major field of study. Having done marching band all throughout high school, I was pretty excited that USC had such a prestigious marching band. I couldn’t wait to start!

It was a significant transition going from being in a competitive environment in high school where practices were focused around making the music and marching technically perfect to being in a fun, spirit-filled atmosphere, where practices are focused around being proud to be a Trojan and supporting our athletic teams to victory! I think that it helps get my mind off of my stressful academic life for a couple hours, and enjoy playing good music and having some fun.

However, the best part of being in the band has been all the amazing trips I have been able to do. I have traveled up to the Bay Area twice for the Stanford game. I have also traveled to Arizona State and to the University of Washington for the away games located there. The trip to Washington was very fun – we got to explore all over the city of Seattle and we won the game! Going east to Notre Dame during my sophomore year was pretty special too. On that trip, I traveled to Chicago for the first time in my life, and I completely fell in love with the city! The trip was also great because we won the game. However, the best trip by far was to Hawaii. I loved spending time with friends in such an awesome place.

Outside of football-related trips, I have been able to perform at many neat functions around the Los Angeles area. I have played at multiple weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, and special events. I have played for the president of the university on multiple occasions. Finally, I was on America’s Got Talent this past spring.

I am so happy for all that the band has given me during the past four years. I have made some incredible memories that I will never forget.



I am a sophomore majoring in Chemical Engineering, with a biochemical emphasis. I am originally from Sacramento, CA. I am in the USC Marching Band enjoy playing playing trombone. I also enjoy hiking and road biking.