So even though USC is a school situated in the middle of a very, very large city, being on campus makes you feel forget about that pretty quickly.  There are some certain spots I have discovered in my time being here that really help you get away and feel relaxed.


My all-time favorite place on campus is Associates Park.  It is located between the Physical Education building and Bovard Administration Building.  At first sight, this area may seem like a place with some trees that I walk through to get from class to class.  But if you actually sit down on one of the benches in the middle of campus, it’s very relaxing.  I think that the buildings on either side help block the sounds of students because even on a busy day, it still seems relatively quiet there.  The park has been gifted with many trees, donated by important people from all over the world.  If you sit in the right spot, it almost seems like the trees are acting like a canopy and blocking the sun and creating a nice shady spot. I could keep rambling on about this place forever, but it won’t do it justice.  If you get a chance to tour campus, I would definitely suggest trying to go to Associates Park.  Just sit down for 10 minutes and let your mind go empty.

Associates Park

My second favorite place on campus has to be Mudd Hall of Philosophy.  It is located at the southern end of campus right off Trousdale Parkway.  This building, dedicated in 1930, features many different architectural styles, from Renaissance to Byzantine.  To me, it seems like such a beautiful building and almost every time I pass by or go inside, I notice some neat architectural element that I didn’t notice before.  I have been lucky to have my Analytical Chemistry class in this building (CHEM 300) and I hope to have more classes in Mudd Hall, so I can have an excuse to go more often.

Mudd Hall of Philosophy

The last place I am going to talk about is Fisher Lawn.  It is the green space located just outside the Fisher Museum of Art.  It is one of the less visited places on campus, because it is somewhat out of the way and on the southern end of campus. However, I found out about this place when I was a freshman, because I lived at Parkside Arts & Humanities Residence Hall, which is located right next to this lawn.  The reason I like this lawn so much is that it serves not just as a green space but as a “outdoor museum” for some cool sculptures.  It’s neat to walk around the lawn and appreciate the incredible art on display.  The best part for me is that I do not see many people and it can be a time to get away for myself.

Fisher Lawn

I hope you enjoyed hearing about some of my favorite places on campus.  There are many more really neat and pretty places all around USC, and they are all within a ten minute walk of each other!



I am a sophomore majoring in Chemical Engineering, with a biochemical emphasis. I am originally from Sacramento, CA. I am in the USC Marching Band enjoy playing playing trombone. I also enjoy hiking and road biking.