I’m taking 3 lab sciences this semester, so it’s no surprise that I’ve got studying on my mind. As a senior I think I’ve perfected my USC Library selections, and I’d like to share them with you.


For That Between Class Productivity Session: Mudd Hall Library of Philosophy

This is the most beautiful library on compass, in my opinion. I find it easier to study in large spaces that are aesthetically romantic, so Mudd Hall Library is a dream come true. It isn’t open late nights, but if you’re looking for a place to center yourself between classes and get some work done, you won’t do better than Mudd Hall.

Mudd Hall Library of Philosophy


For That All Day Sunday Study Session: Doheny Library

Another gorgeous library on campus, Doheny Library is my favorite place to study on campus when I need to settle in for a long grind. The Cinema Library in the basement of Doheny has perivate workstations with very comfortable chairs – a crucial element to any really long study session. Don’t forget to bring snacks.

The main hall in Doheny Library

For That All-Nighter: Leavey Library

When you need a spot to hunker down for a long night of work, Leavey Library has your back. Open 24 hours a day and located right next to a Starbucks, Leavey is there for you when you’ve got an essay due the next day, or a programming project that you thought was due NEXT Friday.

It may not be as beautiful as Doheny or Mudd Hall, but Leavey is your best friend in a pinch.



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