It’s so great to be back at SC. It’s good to go home for the holidays and catch up with family and old friends, but school is more fun. The air’s just electric, some days. I figured I’d take this post to talk about Spring Rush for the greek system at USC. I’ll be talking about rush for fraternities; sororities do rush differently.

There are two chances to rush a fraternity during the school year at SC; once at the beginning of the Fall semester and once at the beginning of the Spring semester. Sororities only hold rush in the Fall. Rush is held during the second week of school. On Monday, fraternities across the row open their doors to rushees, giving them a chance to see the interiors of the different fraternities – this is a good night to check out many different fraternities and pick a couple that you really like. Tuesday through Thursday each fraternity has different rush events. Each fraternity rushes differently: while some will be open Tuesday and Wednesday, and invite-only Thursday, others will be open Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Every fraternity has a different series of events for each of these days. Some examples are going out to a comedy show, a driving range, a gun club, paint-balling, hookah bars, billiards rooms, etc.

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Friday night is Blue Chip dinner. This is an invite-only night for each fraternity. They’ll take rushees out to a nice restaurant or venue for the last night of rush. Blue chip is the last night for fraternities and rushees to make sure they are a good fit for each other. Saturday night is bid night. While each fraternity has its own traditions for the evening, if you are invited to bid night for a fraternity you will be offered a bid to begin pledging the fraternity – but that’s a topic for another post. If you’re interested in the greek system at USC send us a message with any questions you have!



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