Yesterday all of the Viterbi Student Ambassador’s headed to Hollywood for some team bonding and some friendly (mostly) competition. It was a blast! It was my first time walking the Star Walk – I know, I know, I’m a shameful Angelino for waiting so long to see it. It’s a little less than 30 minutes from USC, and easily accessible by freeway. We started our day by hiking (read: sprinting) up to the oldest standing building in the United States – the Hollywood Pagoda. Afterwards we had to hit the strip to earn $5 by coming up with a street show and entertaining people for money. Our most successful bit was ‘hakuna matata’ (what a wonderful phrase!) I’m pretty sure the kicker on that was when I revealed my hakuna ma-tata’s during the chorus. Thanks to Steve for the great pun, thanks to me for the money-making pecs.

View of downtown LA from the Pagoda - pretty sweet, eh?

From there we ate lunch at a surprisingly gourmet CPK (they called their new menu items “adventures”…) and made our way to Amoeba Records for more scavenger hunt shenanigans. I’ve never been their either, but I want to go back. It was difficult to stay focused on the task with so many glorious stacks of CD’s and albums. From there, we departed for the Universal Studios City walk for a picture with King Kong. It was a pretty cool spot – like a modern Disneyland Old Town. During our last stretch of the scavenger hunt, we were running down the Star Walk when I almost literally stumbled on the star of one of my favorite sci-fi writers – Ray Bradbury. Sorry for holding us up for the snapshot team, but not really; so worth it. All said, it was a great day. Hollywood is an experience,  and one I’d easily recommend to anyone in LA with an afternoon to spare.






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  • Steve says:

    Gortron – way to use Colleges Against Cancer’s Breast Cancer Awareness Slogan with no context whatsoever, haha. Makin me sound weird.
    “Hakuna Ma Ta-Ta’s – It means no worries!”
    Sign up for Relay For Life at USC and help fight Cancer! See about 50% of my posts/tweets for more info

  • gordy says:

    Sorry for not throwing that out there! I shameless stole Hakuna Ma Ta-Ta’s from Steve’s brilliant slogan for Colleges Against Cancer Breast Cancer Awareness 🙂 Does this count as IP THEFT?!