This past weekend was the Weekender; a tradition among Trojans where we road trip up to Northern California en masse to support the football team in their game against either Stanford or Cal and enjoy the social life of those campuses for a weekend. Unfortunately, I had previous engagements and couldn’t make it up to the SF Bay Area for a weekend at home. Fortunately, there were plenty of other students on campus who stayed behind but still felt a little wanderlust!

I called my friends from my freshman year dorm (New/North; glorious memories, more to come on that later) to see if they were down for a spur of the moment camping trip on Friday night. They were as excited by the prospect as I was! Some of the guys in my fraternity were also going camping that night so we all ended up going to the same place; Lake Piru!

Beautiful Lake Piru! Not bad for an hour and a half drive, eh?

I had never been to Lake Piru so I was excited to try out new trails (I’m a pretty avid hiker). We set out on our road trip at about 6:30 Friday night, and got to Lake Piru ( about an hour and a half later. I was pleasantly surprised at how close it was. We set up shop as soon as we got there, and had a great fire going in no time. We tried our hand at cooking sausages and met a fair amount of success! I took off on my own for awhile to get a little night hike in (I’m what you might describe as a casual woodsman). I was blown away by the beauty of the lake under a nearly full moon and clear night. The only downside of living in a big city is we don’t get too many stars, so it’s nice to be reminded that they are, in fact, still there.¬†All in all, It was great to get off campus for a night and enjoy the nature’s simple pleasures with good company!



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  • kristen says:

    “I’m what you might describe as a casual woodsman.” Best line in a Viterbi Voices blog ever. haha.