At the end of the day, my favorite thing about USC are the friendships I’ve made here. I’ve met a lot of new friends, and made a lot of friendships that are going to last a lifetime. Here are some traditions I have with my friends at USC that keep me in touch with my friends and subsequently keep me low stress. Note that most of these are food related; I get hungry a lot. I’ve written reviews for some of my favorite restaurants in the USC area on my yelp account, check it out for some USC eats!


  • Saturday Morning Chikfila: If you’ve never had Chikfila, I’m so sorry. Chikfila makes the tastiest fried chicken sandwich I’ve ever eaten. Fortunately, USC’s got a Chikfila just a block southeast of campus. There’s no better way to kickoff your weekend than a delicious brunch from the Chik.
  • Sunday Night Movie Night: Every Sunday night this year my friends and I meet up at my house and we watch a movie. Pending I don’t have a midterm on Monday, it’s a great way to unwind and catch up with your friends before you get back into the weekly grind.
  • Jewish Deli Dinner Night: Los Angeles is home to some world-class Jewish deli’s, namely Canter’s, Langer’s, and Factor’s. If you’ve never tried Jewish cuisine, I can’t recommend these places enough. What I like about Jewish deli’s is the food always has a great home-cooked feel to it. Nothing fancy, just a hearty soul-food meal.
  • Catan: Catan is the greatest board game of all time. If you disagree, I’ll gladly contest the issue with you! It’s a great game to play with your friends – the perfect mix of strategy and luck. My friends and I love it and get together once every two weeks to play.
  • Sunday Brunch: My favorite tradition on the list is Sunday brunch. Every Sunday morning my friends and I pick out a spot to grab a feast. Freshman year, we would always head to EVK dining hall and order omelettes and make waffles. Now we get out into the city for brunch! Our favorite spots are the Panini Cafe, Jack n Joes, and the 23rd Street Cafe.


Junior biomedical engineer (electrical emphasis) at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering. I enjoy cooking, folk music, and reddit. And I'm all kinds of geeky.