I don’t know about you, but I can’t study without music. Sitting in silence for hours on end drives me a little nutty. So in order to knuckle down and get through my work, I’ve got to have some good study jams! This blog post is about some of my music recommendations and how I access them.

By far my favorite new music experience has been Spotify. Spotify is a program that let’s you browse and listen to a huge library of music for free. The only downside is you’ll get an advertisement every 5 songs or so. Spotify is the perfect program for listening to albums from favorite artists or checking out what your friends are listening to (it can link with your Facebook!) You can grab it off the Spotify website for free. Here are some of the albums I like to listen to when I study; try them out while you’re working hard on your AP/IB courses or college applications!

  • Discovery, by Daft Punk
  • Kind of Blue, by Miles Davis
  • Bon Iver, by Bon Iver
  • The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place, by Explosions in the Sky

I love me some musics.

Another great source for study music is Pandora. You’ve probably heard of Pandora; it’s a website that asks you for a song or artist that you like, and will then generate an entire playlist of similar music. It works amazingly well. You can access Pandora here. My favorite study playlists are my MGMT and Sufjan Stevens playlists, give ’em a shot! Hopefully these musical tips will give your study time that boost it needs to keep you going!


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  • Radhika says:

    such a fan of the recommendations. some of these make for great music to wake up to also. my roommate usually wakes me up with Skinny Love on Sunday Mornings:)