One of the best things about SC is the weather. If you’re not from California, you wouldn’t believe how great the weather can be. Winter in southern California is generally mild rains for a month, at worse, and Spring comes early. There aren’t many universities that can boast 84˚ weather in the first weekend of March. So, here’s some pro tips to take advantage of the great weather at SC.

  • Head to the beach: In my opinion, there’s only one place to head to when it gets hot in Los Angeles – Venice Beach. Venice Beach is a young and vibrant beach community (the word ‘bohemian’ comes to mind). It’s a great place to spend an afternoon, walking the strip and cooling off in the Pacific.
  • Tanning on McCarthy Quad: If you visit campus in the Spring, I can guarantee you’ll see students in McCarthy Quad catching some rays and frisbees. If you’ve got work but you can’t focus cause the weather’s nice, bring your work outside! There are a bunch of tables that line the North side of McCarthy Quad. And if being outside still isn’t enough to beat the heat, try an iced coffee from TroGro, or take a quick dip in the pool between Leavey Library and McCarthy Quad; I don’t think anyone will mind. Heck, they might even join you.
  • Jump in the pool: There’s a pool right next to the Lyon Center athletic facilities – hop in with your friends to cool off, when all else fails! This is another great spot to tan and hangout with your friends as well. While you’re over on that side of campus, grab a Jamba Juice smoothie from Cafe 84 for a refreshing treat.
  • Yogurtland: Head across the street from the Northeast corner of campus and you’ll find yourself at Yogurtland, which is in my opinion the BEST spot to grab frozen yogurt at SC. It’s cheap, delicious, and so refreshing in hot weather. Just make sure you eat it before it all melts (rookie mistake, you hate to see it).

A shot of Venice Beach.

Comment if you’ve got your own favorite ways to beat the heat at SC.

Edit: Funny, the Lakers beating a different kind of Heat right after I posted this. LA pride. Get ’em Kobe!



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