USC is many things, but I think the thing it encompasses most is diversity. And while USC is diverse with respect to bringing in students internationally (there’s a building on campus- VKC, which has a flag from different nations who send at least 2 students to USC), it’s also diverse in student interests. At USC, it’s not the students individually who are always “well rounded”, but rather the population as a whole. The result is that we have a student body where everyone seems to be really good at something, whether it’s being a professional choreographer like one of my roommates to being a student athlete on one of our many Division I teams. It also helps foster a culture of collaboration, because when everyone seems to be an expert in a specific field, it promotes networking with your peers whether it’s for class projects or extracurriculars in order to discover who can best help you succeed.




VKC flags

And what’s more- the diversity on our campus helps ensure that everyone finds their niche when they come to USC. We have over 600 clubs, dozens of fraternities and sororities, and plenty of student run academic projects to guarantee that “homey” feeling that was a huge part of my decision making process when looking at colleges.