I’ve recently gone on a workout binge, and my athletic endeavors made me think of all the ways in which USC has allowed me to stay in shape while in college. For those who fear the “freshman 15”, don’t you fret! USC has more options for athletics than you could imagine. Here’s an overview of some of the main ones:

One of the reasons I joined the fraternity I joined was because I loved how serious the fraternity took the annual inter-fraternity athletic competition: the iron man. A competition across every available intramural sport, the iron man pits fraternity vs. fraternity in showdowns of tremendous rivalry and (slightly) epic proportions. My fraternity, when I entered USC, had won 13 of the last 14 trophies, and had established itself as the main contender for the iron man award. However, due to increased competition, we lost year for the first time in many years. This year though, we are taking back the trophy! Currently we are in first place in the standings, and I could not be more proud!

For those who played sports in high school but maybe don’t want to continue at the high level which USC Division 1 offers, there are many options to stay in shape and continue the sport you love! The iron man competition is just one. USC’s intramurals program is extensive, and has nearly any sport you could imagine, including badminton and ping pong! Last year I played on an intramural soccer team with residents of my dorm, Birnkrant Hall. It was a great experience and we ended up winning the intramural tournament at the end of the season. It was definitely a social experience, and helped me get closer with the people I was living with.  

Other options at USC include our club sports. I’m currently on the club rugby team, and it’s an amazing new experience. USC offers tons of other club sports as a great option for those who are more serious than intramural athletes but not wanting the intense rigor of Division 1 varsity. From lacrosse to rugby to the equestrian team, USC’s club teams are an integral part of the university, and offer students yet another path to achieve a balance of mental and physical health.