Recently, I’ve been trying to go to more restaurants in the area because I keep seeing clips from the food network and other tv channels and it seems they’re always featuring Los Angeles. Downtown is full of awesome places to try, and I’ve made it my unofficial goal to try all of them. I’d been hearing about Umami burger for months, so I figured I had to finally go and cross one more restaurant off my list. Instead of going to Umami burger though, I actually went to the new “Umamicatessen” in downtown, which has Umami burger along with two other restaurants in what “Yelp!” calls the LA hipster hang-out.

I like burgers a lot, but I don’t normally go crazy for them. This was a total exception. I tried the truffle burger, and it knocked my socks off. Never in my life have I had a burger cooked medium-rare. The hype I’d been hearing made me feel like it could never meet expectations, but it was everything I thought it could be and more. And the atmosphere was amazing too. I’m always a fan of loud, fast-paced sorts of restaurants, and they even had a carousel that carried the cheese for all the burgers which I thought was amazingly cool, and a 100% necessary engineering innovation. Essentially, Umami killed it on all levels- it was great food, an awesome atmosphere, and a solid location in downtown Los Angeles. I’m happy I can finally say I’ve been to Umami burger, and I can’t wait to go back!