Hey Everyone!

Hope everyone’s summers are going well! Mine has been awesome so far. Research is progressing, I’m getting prepared for next year’s classes, and I’m taking the extra time I have to continue to explore LA and take up surfing!

As for the research, I’m currently in the process of making this:



It’s a mechanical woodpecker simulator which, as I’ve mentioned before, will be used in conjunction with a professor up in Washington to impact and test the neural plasticity of real brain cells! I’m super excited about the ¬†prospects of our results, and hopefully soon we’ll be well on our way to designing better helmets for military and commercial applications!

Outside of research I’ve gotten into surfing with one of my roommates. It’s been really hot down here recently, so I’ve been more than happy to pick up a new hobby that keeps me cool on these super hot days.

I also got to spend a couple days at home before going to Tahoe for the 4th last week! It was an awesome time. We hiked, went boating, and hung out on the beaches of the lake for a couple days before returning to LA. It was an amazing few days but it’s good to be back in SoCal with the roommates for some more great summer experiences!

Below are some photos of the summer shenanigans!