Hey guys!

So as we all know, USC football has been through a lot this season! But one thing will always hold true: Trojans keep on fighting on. Coach O took over the program with a thunderous roar (or bark), and since the Notre Dame game it’s been an entirely different football team that has taken the field, compared to that of the early season.

Saturday was our homecoming game: one of the biggest games of the season (with exception only to the UCLA game which is coming up!). In my four years at USC, never had we beaten Stanford. They were the elusive trophy that no one could believe we hadn’t conquered. And so with a new, interim coach we went into the game with high hopes.

Needless to say, the game was epic. A 47 yard field goal by Andre Heidari in the final seconds gave us the win, and we did what we have waited years to do: we stormed the field. It was amazing, it was crazy, it was Trojan Football at its finest. The energy that came back to the program with that win was so unbelievable. Coach O could barely make it out of the stadium because fans wouldn’t stop trying to hug him. #50, our starting center, came up to me and lifted me off the ground in a bear hug while chanting “WE ARE… SC!” I somehow even managed to bump into my brother on the field. I didn’t even know he was at the game (he graduated from SC’s masters program last year), so it was an awesome surprise.

It was a game I’ll never forget, and I can’t wait to come back down after Thanksgiving to see the Trojans take on UCLA at home in the Coliseum.