We’re back in full swing here at SC and my schedule could not be more packed. In addition to all the things I was doing last semester, I recently joined the USC Rugby team. I had┬ánever played rugby before, but so far I’ve been having a great time! Tomorrow we have a game against LMU (one of SC Rugby’s traditional rivals). I’m still picking up all the nuances of the game, but I’m excited to play in my first league game of the year.

While the games have been fun, it certainly hasn’t been easy finding time for rugby. We practice about 10 hours a week, three mornings and two evenings, and it’s always in between a mad rush to class or to another of my many involvements (like SC racing, which is awesome!). Still, it’s definitely teaching me to be even more disciplined about my work, and I feel like I’m getting better about making the most of my time I set aside for studying.

As for academics, my classes are starting to get even more specfic towards my major (Astronautical Engineering). Right now, I’m taking Astronautics 280- The Space Environment. In this class we learn intricacies about orbital mechanics, and what is really required to put a spacecraft into an orbit. A cool thing we’re looking at right now is gravity assists, or using other planets to give a spacecraft more energy and propel it towards its destination in the most efficient way possible.

My other courses include Strength of Materials, Physics of Oscillations and Waves, and a sociology class on immigration as a general education class. Although I love my engineering classes, it’s been really nice having a sociology class to balance out my schedule and provide a more rounded course load. It’s particularly interesting taking what I learn in class and applying it to the current presidential debates, which so often focus on immigration policy.

I can’t wait for all this semester has in store, and it seems like the semester is already flying by. Hard to believe it won’t be long before I’m half way done with college! Scary!