A week or two ago I saw my first ice game. The Los Angeles Kings were playing the Colorado Avalanche at the Staples Center, and I went, having only ever seen hockey on tv. A few friends joined me, and we saw more USC Trojans when we got there, and we all ended up having seats in the same section. The experience was incredible, and to see the game at the Staples Center- an awesome venue where the crowd is always unbelievably loud- made it even better.

I didn’t realize hockey was so big on the west coast, and there are no hockey teams in Sacramento, where I’m from, so it was a total surprise when I walked into a sold out stadium and sat amongst some pretty rowdy fans.

Before the game started and just as the players were about to enter the rink, the lights went out and the whole crowd erupted with cheers. Here’s a picture of the stadium right before the players came out:

Unfortunately for the kings, the game didn’t go so well, and they ended up losing. It was still a great game to watch, and I had a blast hanging out with USC students doing something which I’d never done before. I’m definitely hoping to get to another hockey game soon, and can’t wait to see more sporting events in Staples Center.

Here’s another picture of the game: