So I just got back down to SC and moved into my new house this past weekend- a house with 11 other roommates. I can already tell this year is going to be the most epic year of all time. All my roommates are great guys, and 8 of us are engineers, meaning we’ll be able to help each other out when homework gets the best of us! Taking everything out of storage and putting my room together was definitely the best part of getting settled. Hanging up my West Ham United Soccer flag on the wall and seeing the copious amount of cardinal and gold around my room made me feel like I was truly at home.

the house I’ll be living in this year

Of course moving furniture is great and all, but I got to thinking about all of the awesome things this year has in store. My first big expectation is a great football season! Matt Barkley returning, Robert Woods and Marqise Lee, along with the addition of Silas Redd, we’re going to be so good it’s scary. Truly the Trojans of old. The stadium will be packed for every game. Alumni will come from all over the country. We’re a real family again, thanks much in part to our amazing athletics which we can all rally around. I think I can speak on behalf of every Trojan when I say that football is something that we can’t wait for. Come September first, Hawaii better be prepared for what’s in store!


Another thing I’m excited about is my class schedule. It’s not an easy one at all, but I’m going to be taking a bunch of really interesting courses, including dynamics, fluid dynamics, and an AME (aerospace/mechanical) favorite, “MechOps”. MechOps, a class all AME students take, is a lab based course where you really learn how to perform experiments and write proper lab reports. It’s definitely a course that has immediate use in the real world, and I’m looking forward to gaining a better insight into the world of experimental engineering.

Finally I can’t wait to see all my friends again! People are finally starting to stream into campus, and freshman move in is just around the corner, symbolizing the official start to the new year. With the fraternity, engineering clubs and organizations, and my 12 person house that I’m living in, it seems like every day the number of people I know around campus is growing exponentially. This is definitely going to be a year for the books!