I’m incredibly excited, because I just recently found out that I got into the Viterbi Abroad Summer program. Every year, Viterbi goes to a different country over the summer so engineers who don’t study abroad for a semester can get a study abroad experience. This summer, the program is taking two groups,┬áheaded to Madrid & Florence, and I’ll be going to Madrid!

Madrid has always been on my list of cities to travel to, but I’ve been particularly excited about it since my brother studied abroad in Madrid last spring semester. His descriptions of the food, the architecture, and the culture quickly solidified Madrid’s spot on my bucket list.

In Madrid, I’ll be taking two classes: Writing 340, and either ISE 460 or Thermodynamics. Writing 340 is the second writing class everyone at USC takes, and is a great class to get out of the way in a summer program so I can focus on my engineering classes once back at USC. ISE 460 (The Economics of Engineering) is a class which would count as a technical elective for me (upper division engineering related electives), and would provide a great insight into the business side of engineering. I might however choose to take Thermodynamics since it is a class specifically for my major.

Although we just found out the results, those of us going are already planning out our trips, including potentially staying in S. The group of students going is full of some great people, and I cannot wait to get on the plane to head to Spain (not that I’m wishing the semester away or anything).