Hey everyone!

So as the title says, this is my last semester of mechanical engineering here at USC. I’m not completely done here at USC though, because I’m also doing the PDP program (progressive degree program) for engineering management, so I still have one more year to go!

This semester is definitely going to be hectic, with finding internships for the summer (hopefully in tech. consulting), finishing off my research project which we are currently writing a paper for, and taking my first masters class: ISE 515 Project Management.

My masters class is going to be really interesting and incredibly useful when it comes to consulting-type jobs in the future. It does however have a completely different vibe than my undergraduate classes. First of all, several students participate in the DEN (distance education network) program for the class, meaning they teleconference into the classroom each week. Additionally, many of the students have worked for several years and are now re-entering school for their masters, meaning the age distribution is much wider than it has ever been in my undergrad classes.

As for my research, we’re currently polishing off the paper to submit it to the Biophysical Journal– a journal perfect for our interdisciplinary project between mechanical engineering, fluid dynamics, and cellular health.

There’s going to be a lot in store this semester, so stay tuned for more!