Hey Everyone!

This week I wanted to fill you all in on housing here at USC. From dorms to apartments to suites it can be difficult trying to figure out what you want out of your housing here, so here’s what I did!

My freshman year I lived in Birnkrant (now the honors dorm). I really didn’t know much about the dorms at USC, but a friend of mine from high school who came to USC a year before me said that Birnkrant was “8 floors of open doors”, and boy was she right! Everyone is Birnkrant always kept their doors open and people were always around to talk, do school work, and just have fun. I loved Birnkrant so much, and in fact, of the 12 people that currently live in my house, 9 of us lived in Birnkrant together freshman year!

After freshman year I moved into non-university apartments just a block or two from campus. Most of my friends however lived in university sponsored apartments, so I spent a lot of time in “Troy”- the largest university apartment building (usually for sophomores).

After sophomore year, I moved to where I live now, a house just 3 blocks from campus. 12 guys in a house sounds a little terrifying, but it was the best decision I made in college. It’s like being back in a dorm building, where there’s always someone around to study with, go to the gym with, or just hang out with. We explore LA as a house, do team projects (8 of us are engineers) as a house, and even eat most meals together. It’s been an absolutely amazing experience, and I’m so sad to leave it all in just a couple months when I graduate!

All dorms at USC develop their own “culture”, and all are uniquely awesome. I loved the “open doors” vibe in Birnkrant, and I would definitely recommend it for anyone thinking about which dorm to choose!