Hey everyone! So in the theme of this week, I’m going to talk a little bit about the dorm building I lived in freshman year: Birnkrant residence hall. Birnkrant’s motto “8 floors of open doors”, was what originally attracted me to the building. Plus, I had heard it was right above USC’s 24 hour convenience store Trojan Grounds (now “Starbucks at Trojan Grounds”), so I figured it was a good call to select Birnkrant as my first choice for housing. Overall I loved Birnkrant. The location is great being on the North side of campus right next to McCarthy Quad and the other North campus dorm New/North. Although the engineering school is in the opposite corner of campus, most of my classes freshman year weren’t actually in the engineering section of campus. My calculus class ended up being in the language school building! And even when I had to go across campus, it still wasn’t a very far walk/longboard/bike ride.

Birnkrant has 3 kinds of rooms: singles, doubles and triples, and all are great options! Because everyone always has their doors open, it doesn’t really matter what room style you choose, because most people end up hanging out in the halls and in each others’ rooms anyway.




The outside of Birnkrant residence hall

Within Birnkrant, everyone was so friendly and created an awesome community for adjusting to college life. Many of my closest friends now are people I met my freshman year in Birnkrant, and of the 12 people living in my house, 10 of us lived on 3 separate floors of Birnkrant. Things like intramural teams and study groups spawned out of our dormitory, and truly helped make an amazing freshman experience.