Hey Everyone!

This week I wanted to share with you guys my favorite place to study on campus: Mudd Hall of Philosophy. It’s a little-known spot among engineers, but I think it’s the most beautiful area on campus.

I’m a bit of a Greek Philosophy nerd, so I love being able to go sit in between the book stacks and pull out some Cicero or Aristotle when I need a study break. Plus, the stained glass windows that line the walls near the vaulted ceilings let just the perfect amount of light in and give the room a nice cozy aura.


Although I spend a lot of time in engineering classrooms and our engineering headquarters RTH, I enjoy being able to get away from the every day engineering elements and spend some time in another school’s buildings. Mudd Hall offers the perfect place to do this, and because most people don’t know about the library within, it’s usually pretty empty as well, making for a nice quite study spot.