As the year progresses (and gets increasingly harder!), and as some of my friends are finding out that they will be studying abroad next semester, I can’t help but recall my own study abroad experiences in Madrid. Studying abroad was far and away one of the greatest experiences of my life. To any and all who are considering I would only say: Just do it!

Being in a new country for an extended period of time is the only way to truly get to know a place. I have been fortunate enough to travel throughout my lifetime, but nothing compares to the experience in Madrid. Using their public transportation, eating their food, and interacting with locals, we formed a connection with Spain that couldn’t be acquired any other way.

Furthermore, Viterbi Abroad provides the perfect opportunity to study abroad. Most people at USC don’t study abroad during the fall because no one wants to miss football season. And while it’s definitely possible, many engineers in more specific disciplines (like astronautical), realize that studying abroad for a full semester might mean taking more units in other semesters. Because of this, Viterbi created the summer abroad program, which is the perfect amount of time (~2 months), and it actually gets you AHEAD in terms of classes, since you get to take 2 classes for your major.

in general, studying abroad is just plain awesome, so like I said: Just do it.

Two of my roommates and I at La Alhambra

On my way to a Eurocup viewing to watch Spain play

Our favorite waiter in Segovia

The whole group in Andalucia!

At Santiago Bernabeu (Real Madrid’s stadium) for a classics match!

Right before Running with the Bulls in Pamplona!

A bunch of us at the Coliseum in Rome!