As an astronautical engineering major, I think it’s important to note one of the main events that happened around USC this past week. On Friday morning, the space shuttle Endeavor circled over the USC campus on its way to LAX. The shuttle is being readied for the exhibit at the California Science Center, just a couple minutes walk from campus, where it will make its final home. It’s truly an honor that the science center was chosen to house one of the shuttles. With its historic missions including being the first service mission to the Hubble telescope and taking the first African American woman into space, the Endeavour is a remarkable piece of history that will be cherished by the Los Angeles community for years to come.

As it passed over USC, it reminded me why I want to be an engineer. The shuttle program changed the course of U.S. history, and solidified our place as a global leader in science and education. It was incredibly inspirational to be so close to the action as it made its way over Los Angeles, and I can’t wait to see it in the science center when it gets there on October 13th.

Here are some awesome pictures of the shuttle flying overhead:

and my personal favorite: