Hey Everyone,

It’s almost that time! Finals are fast approaching and the semester is almost over. One more week separates us here at USC from stop days, then finals, and I’ve got to say, I’m going to be relieved when it’s all over. Fortunately this past week was a nice break, being able to go home to Sacramento for Thanksgiving, but it’s going to be full-speed ahead until my last final on the 12th of December.

Before I got home for winter break, I’ve got a few major things to take care of:

1) A Materials Science Project

2) Finishing up and writing the report for my senior design

3) Studying for my Linear Controls exam

4) Doing a final Matlab programming project

5) Writing the report for my research project/class


Needless to say, it’s going to be a busy 10 days. I’m excited to be done, but I’m also not so excited for what that means: one semester left of undergrad here at USC. I know I’ve got another year for my master’s degree, but it’s still tough knowing that most of my friends will be off doing their own things all over the country in just a few short months. I guess the only thing left to do is to sit back and enjoy the ride!

Happy Holidays Everyone!