Hey everyone!

Despite being in the middle of midterm season, I was able to escape the work Friday night to go to an event for the USC Norris Cancer Research Team with a couple friends. Tons of big names from the healthcare field were there, and many donors to the university, including Ming Hsieh, for whom our electrical engineering department bears its name. The event was an amazing opportunity to meet the “movers and shakers” of cancer research in Southern California, as well as being a great launching point for future research and community involvement.

The highlight of the evening had to be meeting Dr. Watson (as in Watson and Crick, Nobel Laureates and discoverers of DNA). It was such an honor to speak with him, and he was so humble, even claiming that it was an honor to meet US (I’m still not sure why).

Another fantastic part of the evening was hearing Randy Newman perform “You’ve Got A Friend in Me” live. It was definitely a sentimental moment, and Randy’s own stories about his family dealing with cancer made for an even more special evening.