Hey everyone!

After last week’s midterm bonanza, I’m super ready for a break, and fortunately, this week is (sort of) going to provide that! No midterms this week at all! In mechoptronics, we’re currently using LabView to create VI’s to run our experiments which we proposed last week. Hopefully our proposal gets accepted so we can start studying the thermal properties of secondary flow fields in impinging turbulent jets! The VI’s certainly won’t be easy to make, but it’s definitely something I enjoy, so I’m considering it part of my break.




turbulent flow!

We also have more ExploreUSC’s this week, and I’m excited to meet new potential Trojans. So far they’ve been going great, and I can’t wait for this week’s events to begin! It’s definitely going to be a busy week, but in a good way.

Overall the work hard/week off cycle is sort of how college works. I got a lot of questions during the last ExploreUSC about stress levels in Viterbi. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t work hard. As my stress/strain analysis professor says, “did you ever think stress analysis would be stress free?”. But things tend to go in cycles, and after one set of midterms, you usually get a week or two to decompress before getting into high gear again. It’s all about time management and communicating with those around you as to what kind of time you’re able to give to a student organization at any particular point in time.

Like I said, it’s going to be a busy week, but I couldn’t be happier about it!