Hey Everyone!

This past week marked the end of my first set of midterms after I turned in a take home matlab programming midterm and took a Materials Science midterm. I think they both went pretty well, and this weekend I was able to finally settle down and relax!

And although last night was a TRAGIC loss to Notre Dame, I still managed to salvage the night a little bit by going out to dinner at Korean BBQ with some roommates. After spending part of the summer in Korea with the iPodia trip, it was like being back in summer mode.

A throwback to Korean BBQ in Korea!

A throwback to Korean BBQ in Korea!


This week ALSO marks the end(ish) of my recovery from a broken hand, which means I can start going to rugby practices this coming week. I’m pretty excited about getting back into shape and closing out senior year playing rugby again.

On the research front, we’re getting back the post-processed data from our system up in Washington this week. We’re having a lab meeting Monday to discuss the future of the project and hopefully make a proposal deadline that is coming up.

I’m also currently working on editing the latest Meet the Faculty video on Aerospace Engineering, so be sure to check it out!